The game is a throw back to the old asteroids game in the gameboy style. We had to scrap some features like AI due to time constraints. It was made for GBJam 5.


  • Movement with arrows
  • Space to shoot


numerous 24 MB
numerous 12 MB


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That is some very loud music you've chosen for your game. It's got a head bobbing beat, which is great. If only the gameplay was more fast paced, then it would be more fitting.

I do like the graphics; the ship, rocks and metal have a nice polished look to them. I found it interesting that the arrow keys were used to steer the ship rather than to move it in the direction pressed. This does add an extra challenge, and I think the balance of the asteroids was good considering how difficult it is to control the ship and how limited the range is.

The only real major issue I have with the game is the steering is too finicky. A light tap with the left or right arrow keys can cause the ship to rotate quite a large amount that prevents it from being able to aim properly at its targets. The shooting could definitely use some longer range too. I do, however, love the fact that you can hold and shoot. It saves my fingers some strain. :P

Hey, thanks a lot for the review, sadly I couldn't find any other song to fit the theme of the gamejam in the few hours that I actually decided to do this :D.

I've actually fixed the issue with the insane speed movement, thanks for that. Seems you have an insanely powerful GPU compared to mine and I forgot about that.
I'm very glad you liked the graphics, we took a toon shader and made changes to it to fit the theme. While the actual objects themselves are extremely low poly models, such as a pyramid for the ship, a polygon for the asteroid (of different scales and rotation starts) and a sphere for the bullet.

I believe you're right about the shooting range as well. Thanks a lot for your feedback :)